Friday, 11 November 2011


It worked/ is working! So far i've won a chocolate hamper :P

However, there was NO delightful congratulatory email in my inbox informing me of this :(.  Just a message from my sister about the arrival of a mysterious package back home. ( I just had to go and win the one for which i'd accidently entered my london address ¬_¬) 
 There wasnt even a letter or anything with it, just some "if undelivered" details. So we had to play sherlock holmes over the phone and internet to figure out who the hell sent it and why.
Turns out it's probably from "woman and home" magazine..
Theres a few dodgy ones in the bunch. dark chocolate with ginger and orange...dark chocolate with raspberry..beurk.  ...I'll still eat it

Anyway, I cant enjoy them till I go back home which wont be for another 2 weeks or something -_-.
I'll spend this time building up my sweet tooth and preparing my body for excessive chocolate consumption.. gentle stretches..roly polys..the usual warm up.

I'll let you all know when i win my car
or my toaster..

and just to keep this thing "illustrated":


Monday, 31 October 2011


This ridiculously slow month is over :D. There shall be no trick or treating on my part tonight, as this year I dont have the luxury of having a troop of 8-12 year olds to take along with me due to not being able to/being too lazy to, go back home :(
I doubt people will be willing to give treats to a lone 20 year old who hasnt even made the effort to dress up, so I wont bother trying. HOWEVER, donations of sweets and chocolates are very welcome and advised. Please contact me or leave a comment below for details on where to send them.  

Favourites include:
Jelly Babies Pocky(Mikado)(the ones with the hazelnuts are magical but i dont mind the original). Caramac. Roses/Quality street(...well basically anything that involves a box filled with multiple pieces of chocolate.)

In other news, I think I can now be officially classed as a "comper" :D (yay?)
I tend to attempt to win things before I go ahead and buy them guitar..a house.. because the prospect of getting it for free is so beautiful and delicious. Then I never win  :(. But this past month i've (accidently) gone a bit overboard and entered truckloads. With prizes ranging from new washing machines to cars to cookware to clothes to books to sinks (yes i know this i'snt reallya range anymore) to dining tables to toys to money to biscuits to computers to handbags to bedsheets to aprons...i'll stop listing. I've just gotten carried away and  figured that if I enter THAT many then surely i'm BOUND to win at least one of them right? Right??? (all you negative nancy's dont answer that ¬_¬, I shall remain optimistic ¬_¬ and when my freebies come rolling in we'll see who's laughing. oh yes. mwhahaha)
+ a lot of these comps end today sooo i'll just be keeping an eye on my inbox this week for those "Congratulations!" emails and i'll keep you posted ;P
aaand finally here's what else i've managed to pump out this month:

Monday, 10 October 2011

Overdue end

Its finally over!!! i think/hope. After a shamefull 4 months i finished it :D. There were good times, and whole lot of bad times but we got through it in the end. I shall call her....b*tch. because she put me through hell :D. I'll go ahead and embarass myself by putting up this wonderful collage of work in progress featuring subsequent depression level of each stage. Its supposed to flow in a clean line of : line work, base colours, shadows, highlights blah blah but nooo. my process had to go all over the place. I think its the weak intial sketch that lets me down. always in a hurry to get on with the painting that i give up on the sketch before its even decent. shaky foundations. ANYWAY! all's well that ends well!! ..still cant paint hands :(

Click to enlarge for effective horrification
Add caption    no. screw you
Click to enlarge for (hopefully) better 'quality'
 In other news, after 2years + i finally got a capo for my guitar! (ok..that was last month but theres still some excitement left)  Ive also 80% learnt how to ride a bike! yes i never knew how before. not everybody gets a chance as a kid :(. and speaking of kids. after numerous encounters over the summer, ive come to the conclusion that i resemble a 15 year old. (i guess the pig tails werent helping) thus making any male above the age of hmm..20? who approaches me, a possible peaodophile

Aaand final year at uni has begun. the last hurdle! dont know how i passed 1st and 2nd year without retakes or resubmits but i did. I think the "guys at the top" who got me top grades in secondary school are still working for me :)
Im actually quite excited about my major project least i was last wednesday, maybe it'll come back once i get back to working on it. IF all goes to plan i'll be making some sort of 2D ft 3D animation called " fin. (du monde) " (yes i know im so clever!). By myself. lol that should be interesting. As a third year 'Computer visualisation and Animation' student, ive never actually animated. and maya and i have yet to bond. but hopefully it'll all be fine in the end. as usual :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

mmm shiny

turns out my crappy camera ft PS isnt all that bad afterall 

Back in Bournemouth for a little while. and it sucks. Ooh i had a "countryside adventure" last week with Amandapanda. chilled with some sheep, sank in mud and hitched rides from strangers into the middle of nowhereish. Illustrations to come...maybe..

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Slow and Steady..

FINALLY getting somewhere!!!
I've had over a month of torture with this little lady and countless facial reconstruction procedures >_< shed tears and..ok no blood (yet), but i think im finally back onto steady ground! it might be a straight road to the finish line now!
just went on a highlight frenzy but dont worry, im gonna get rid of a lot of that random blue...sort the eyebrows out...shift the right the hair..finish it...someday (soon?).
The hands  are coming last.               stupid hands. ¬_¬

hungry as hell
5 min chocolate cake (<<<cleeek eeet! lazy cake!) time. hellz yeah.
that's countless term time lunches. SORTED.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

anti Neglect

just to avoid neglecting this place, voila. this was an Adele sketch at first then i went and played with it. what day is it? ..6th ok i got 5 days to miraculously ressurect and complete that other old forest girl painting.   damneth

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Culinary Secrets #1 + daylight robbery and things..

i'm aware this is pretty stupid but ive already gone and drawn it so...nyaaa
Crossed the sea and back in England. Got searched at the port.   Because i look like a terrorist.    The policeman went through all three of my bags, untidying my careful arrangment of junk in my duffle bag ¬_¬
He said "you sounded nervous when you were talking to me" (which is bullshize ¬_¬) and thats why he had to check my bags. I wont use the "it's because im black" argument but.. :P

Took a taxi due to laziness and the driver played me like a foool. taking long routes so when the counter had gone up to £12  we were only 2 minutes away from the port. Then when we got to my road at a painful £21something, he DIDNT go straight down it, he broke off into a side road and did a little loop to rejoin the main road further down. Then he tried to do it AGAIN. like im an idiot. But i told him to go straight ahead.  I wish i had my mum's attitude sometimes. She would have told him off and paid him less than that £24something. £24. Screw you laziness

And Tesco.
81p for my cheap cola now eh?
i dont bloody think so.
adding little bits on since December and thought i wouldnt notice. i allowed you from 49p-50p i allowed you 50p-52p
but  52p-81p? ha! dream on. Im drinking water
im not cheap (yes i am) I just dont like being cheated.

Japan won the women's football world cup :) USA floopped on penalties les pauvres.
I wanna play football again.

and oh yeah!! I DROVE A CAR! for the first time ever!
..just a little bit. around an empty Decathalon car park. it was dark and wet (because i'm hardcore)
twas a french car so it might be confusing when i try it out here.
but i didnt even crash (or nearly crash) it (which i found amazing) so Ronan, you're a great instructor.
damn its hard to keep these short -_-'

Saturday, 16 July 2011


^ I kinda like this now :P
They say i shouldnt say n'importe nawak. use 'n'importe quoi' instead. but n'importe nawak sounds funnier so try and stop me :D its verlan. nawak is like a backwards pronunciation of "quoi"....with an n stuck on... I remember discovering verlan back in secondary school (thankyou bbc languages site) french slang is so cool sans deconner << XD new expression..phrase..thingy yayz. ooh and 'nickel'! lol.
Think ive grown up a bit :( went to some bookstores yesterday and none of the bande dessinée's (yeah i english-ize french words with "  's  " because i'm ..hardcore.) attracted me enough for me to want to buy them..either that or my economic convenience radar.. thingy is evolving.
I need to make a comic..a proper one..where i dont make up the story as i go along..

Tried "profiteroles"(..with ice cream on the inside not yucky whipped cream...) yesterday. we got on very well..

Thursday, 14 July 2011

random sketches and slow progress

I've been reunited with pencils :) :)   ^ that's a Titeuf cover i redrew in a less cartoony but still kinda cartoony style :P cant blame him for being pissed. he's got that much hair left n hasnt even hit puberty yet. I dont understand how that  comic/show is for kids :s. and they show family guy, american dad and southpark during the day here without bleeping out any naughty words  hehe.

Here's a crappy scrappy lil unfinished comic. these events did not occur...apart from the first panel.

aaand.. dont really know what this is..

as for the painting which started off quite well..T__T its been giving me hell. lovely dose of depression most times i open the file. but i'll conquer it before the end of the month. somehow

happy 14th July to anyone who cares :D

Saturday, 25 June 2011

itchy sunshine

The sun has finally decided to start showing itself. so too has a mysterious spell (can i say that?) of hayfever. It came creeping up on me even before the nice weather and i havent even been exposing myself to nature at all. i was wandering through the sunny woods several times in bournemouth some weeks ago and i only ever got a slightly runny nose. now im breathing through my mouth every night, sneezing and itching my eye, which, at the time of itching feels soooo good. but at the end leaves it all sore and me looking like a zombie, as illustrated above...yes i gave adobe illustrator the finger and drew that in photoshop. thus saving myself..2 hours or so. bask in the glory of my scratchy line art mwhaha :P
New work in progress. feck yay!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Moving On

Ok. scrap that other picture. its not going anywhere and i wasnt feeling it at all. i've moved on to new things :P

Ballistic publishing's call for entries is open. i wanna produce some work decent enouth for that. It would be so great to get published in one of their sexy books. deadline's in august. ive got a long way to go :(
I entered another competition on talent house. to make a design for a tote bag for the company 'Nine West' (yeah. ive never heard of them either :P). Gave me something fun to do :)
you can be a lovely person and show your support/ vote for me (when voting opens)  HERE
aand here's the main part of the design on its lonesome :)

Monday, 6 June 2011

needles, pidgeons, cramps and things [caution: Rambling ahead]

For the first time in my life. I saw a pidgeon nest. and pidgeon babies. wow.
seriously. wow. i thought pidgeons just..appeared. fat lil winged rats straight from hell. because despite the thousands of them in london i had never ever seen one's nest before. the mummy was all puffed up she looked scarily huge and the babies were fugly lil things yellow..but not yellow and fluffy in the baby chicken way..but yellow and hairy with bits of grey struggling to get through.      cute.
i didnt have a camera on me :(

Last tuesday i met up with an old old enemy. mr needle. hadnt had one put into my arm for years but i was pretty sure it wasnt something to look forward to. I faced mr dental needle quite a few times last year. injections into the gums is madness. ok they dont hurt like hell just..sting..and..knowing theres this horrible thin sharp needle going into my gums is just..too much for me -_-'
In the end it wasnt that bad. the nurse tried to keep me in conversation to distract me but i was wise to her game and my mind shut down so i couldnt formulate responses just stare at the ceiling waiting for impact. the prick came and i was waiting for the peak pain but it didnt come :D. I felt her press something down against my arm after pulling out the needle and looked down to find, not an animal print plaster, but bloody cotton wool and masking tape. is it really necessary to dull everything down just because because we're older? she didnt even offer me a lollipop afterwards ¬_¬.  i didnt ask for one.

Then on the way home there was something wrong with my thigh and it hurt to walk. How a needle in the arm can affect my thigh i dont know. and the internet had no answer either and so i went into hypercondriac mode and phased in an out of it for the rest of the day..and the next i think, diagnosing myself with a range of crazy things. Went to sleep having come to peace with the fact that there was a chance i might not wake up again lol. At one point i had a panic..anxiety..(something) attack and couldnt breath so started singing (i'm not mad) in an attempt to fool my body into thinking i was calm.  It didnt work.    but cleaning the shower did.. :S
I need to stop researching symptoms and diseases and generally scaring the sh*t out of myself online.
Doesnt help that my body's an asshole though. playing games on me all the time. i'm gonna start flat out ignoring it soon.
gosh i wish it could give clear error reports. like little pop up windows in front of your eyes with things like, "error 176:  out of breath: you have diabetes" or "error 58: abdominal pain: you have gas" nice and straight forward. rather than damn ambiguous symptoms which could be any one of 124 conditions ranging from "no big deal" to "you have an hour to live". -_-'
Anyway! We're all gonna die some day so..
Art!..i mean "Art";
in regards to the native american(?) girl pic i started, it's..not really coming along. tried to do some on the coach on the way back to london but there wasnt enough space for my obese laptop and the sun was shining on the screen so i couldnt really see what i was doing. Painting blind!   .nice.   As predicted, once home i found i'd messed it up even more with crazy colours that looked fine before. aand i havnt really touched it since then. it hasnt reached stage fun yet so im not enjoying working on it :/ . in time in time. Plus, in an attempt to make this "illustrated blog" actually illustrated, i made the above 2 images and lets just say Adobe illustrator has a looong way to go before it gets a place in my heart..or rather...i have a long way to go. gonna have to work through some tutorials. AND on some  3D..maya tutorials, modelling texturing and maybe even some animating (i said all this last year -__-') because i watched Kung fu panda 2 so mr CG inspiration rented out a room in my head, then i watched Gnomeo and Juliette, and he unpacked his bags. Theeen i watched Mulan (She is awesome! i've missed that film. Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and all those other lil pussies aint got nothing on Mulan :P) and mr attempt.2D.Animation came back, so yeah..looks like mr Digital.painting wont be boarding alone this summer afterall.   (apologies for my sucky metaphors).
But one thing at a time. i WILL finish that other panting first.

Back to B-mth soon. and then France. raaaaaah! i've missed it so much. and the faces i'll see again :D :D :D.
I went past a lil french family in westfield shopping centre the other day. it's so sad how i get excited when i hear the language. i start smiling like a retard.
For now though, London. The weather has had the audacity to go crappy o_o. :(, sucks cz London is so awesome in the sunshiiine. I wanna go rollerblading in hyde park in the sun! too bad im so crap at it. need to go out and practice. havent touched my rollerblades since...august -__-'. think i'll go give them a spin tomorrow. Each time i fall flat on my face, I have to keep reminding myself how much money i spent on them. It was SO out of character for me :s. Seriously I have no idea what was going through my dodgy teenage (hehe 20dom) head. (I've got serious problems with spending money on myself, it's pretty bad, i dont know where it stems from. alternatively: i'm a cheapass :P) so my memory keeps blocking out the price and i somehow manage to convince myself that they were much cheaper. Then i go and check my old statement and a part of me dies inside. but in their defence. Theyre sexy beasts. ..or maybe thats an illusion my mind is creating as a defence mechanism... well..theyre pretty cool at least

ANYWAY. I think i've rambled on quite enough. this is going to look ridiculously long and fugleh. i wouldnt read it. but if you have, then here's a pat on the back.

<please pat yourself for me>

next time im here hopefully it will be with  less rambling and a pretty finished painting. it'll probably look nothing like the pic in the first post. but thats a good thing. :)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Let's Begin

woke up this morning (..ok make that yesterday morning now) and after looking at this ( for a bit,was inspired to make my own  illustrated blog..or.. art with pictures..thingy. since ive actually put some effort into starting this up (note fustrating attempt to use adobe illustrator above) i'm going to try and not neglect this. promises. I had a wordpress have a wordpress blog but that was fugly and no one viwed it but me, every 2 months or so when i'd remember it existed. anyway. forget that. new beginnings!

2nd year of uni's finished, not sure how that happened. That means ample free time. but this year i have to fight the lazy and actually be productive..
ok! art blog. so..Art! I started a new painting yesterday..or the day before dunno. was meant to continue with it today but yeah..ended up fighting with adobe illustrator and bits of mega amaturish  CSS. It's currently looking like this. I'd say its in the 3rd stage of failure. Didnt do so well in stage 1: sketch mode, saved it a bit in stage 2 and now its back on a downwards slope :D. The way my pictures morph as I work is ridiculous. I dont even know why i bother with an initial sketch because it always turns out differently. And it always has to go downhill before it's any good so i have to keep convincing myself that "i can fix it. i can fix it. i can fix it" to avoid giving up or throwing my tablet out the window. She was going to be native american or something, think i'll make it more red n orangy..but she's not looking it yet and im always changing my mind so who knows.     gosh how exciting. :o
Ive seen some really good traditonal art lately and its made me want to get back to some non screen based drawing. think i'll do some reuniting with my sketchbook this week. But must finish this first. no more abandonning projects!

i want cake
those mr kipling lemon slices. mmm
in time. in time. but need to cut down on sugar. my heart was doing funny things yesterday. twas scary..

à la prochaine :)
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